Jannat's Story

Jannat means "Heaven."  Jannat came into our lives in late 2007 at the age of five or six (we still aren't sure).  She had been orphaned, and was being cared for by a friend of the family, who was too poor to support her.  This woman abandoned Jannat with us, leaving her twice orphaned.

You might expect a little girl in her position to be fearful, untrusting, even resentful.  But when I first met Jannat in early 2008, I saw girl full of life, energy, and joy.  She wanted to run and play, to get piggy-back rides, and to give big hugs.  She was, in short, beautiful

Jannat was as excited by life as she was determined to succeed.  She turned from sprightly youngster to serious student, even skipping time with me (after I had travelled 10,000 miles to visit!) in order to study.  She scored the highest possible honors on her standardized exams at the end of elementary school

Now Jannat is a young teenager.  She attends a small, private, boarding school, where she has made lots of friends, and is excelling academically.  Jannat's life is full of potential.  Her story is the story of Basic Needs.

                           - Richard Hubbard, December, 2015