The story of Basic Needs begins with a journey.  In the summer of 2007, a college student named Richard Hubbard received a scholarship to study abroad in Bangladesh.  On arrival in the capital city of Dhaka, he was overwhelmed with the scale of poverty suffered by the local people, who crowded into enormous slums, without access to food, water, or access to healthcare or education.

Most affected were the children, thousands of whom were forced into dangerous labor, or made a living begging or searching through trash dumps.


At the same time, Richard met Sohan Rahman, a young business student from Dhaka.  They conceived of a project to help house, clothe, feed, and educate some of the children they had met in the slums.    Thus, a student initiative was born.


Since 2007, our project has grown and changed.  We have served hundreds of women and children in various ways, from free health camps, to scholarships for schools, to providing for all the needs of orphaned and disadvantaged children.  We have achieved the status of official 501c3 organization, allowing us to accept tax-exempt donations.   In 2017, we will be significantly expanding our programming by increasing the number of scholarships offered, and developing unique medical programs in partnership with local hospitals