Since our inception in 2007, we have supported a small group of very needy children from the slums of Dhaka.  These families come from nearly unimaginable deprivation, yet have an undeniable spirit for life.  We house, clothe, and feed these families, and provide free private education and tutoring to their growing children.  Children we worked with as toddlers at our inception are now in elementary school, and some of our older children have graduated high school and are now in higher education. This core group of a dozen children are our heart and soul, and we are excited to continue supporting them! 


Primary Education Scholarship Program

In Bangladesh, many children have no access to an education, and those that can are packed into classrooms with up to 50 children.  Our kids attend small schools with personal attention from teachers.  Because of the success of this program, we are increasing the number of children we support from 45 to 60 in 2017. 


Healthcare Project

Over the years, The Basic Needs Program has provided a wide range of medical services to those in need, from free health camps in rural communities, to purchasing eye glasses for school children, to funding major surgeries and cancer treatments.  Our newest initiative is a partnership with the Hope Foundation Hospital in Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh.  Through our support, this treatment center will perform surgeries for uterine prolapse free of cost to poor women.  Uterine prolapse is a debilitating condition that often affects women who have little or no access to health care during their childbearing years.  A simple surgery can be life-changing, and we plan to sponsor 15 such surgeries in 2017


Rural Medicine Scholarship Program

Bangladesh desperately needs physicians to serve the rural poor.  At the same time, many medical students struggle to support themselves during their education.  In partnership with the Hope Foundation of Bangladesh, The Basic Needs Program is starting a scholarship fund to help support medical students and resident physicians as they pursue their training.  In exchange for this support, these individuals will be required to serve in a designated underserved area of Bangladesh for a number of years.  Scholarships are based on need and demonstrated interest in rural medicine.  We will offer 2-3 scholarships in 2017.